A response to Bob Brown


Senator Bob Brown’s ill-considered attempt to denigrate me (Mercury, 2 March) shows he is not only a past master at rewriting history, but the real power behind Minister McKim.

Bob Brown should recall that in December 1981, the Government’s preferred power scheme (the Gordon-above-Olga), once supported by Brown himself, was put to a referendum and rejected.  As Minister responsible I supported the Government’s position.  It was only after that rejection that the Government needed to reconsider its position, and it did so in January 1982.  At the State election later that year, I held my seat.

Regarding Doug Lowe, let the record show that I was indeed concerned about the leadership of the Government at that time and expressed that concern - within Government, in writing.  However, in the ensuing vote on his leadership, I did not vote against him.  Doug Lowe himself acknowledges this fact.

At all times during that period, I made no public comment contrary to the Government’s position.  And it is on this point that I take issue with McKim.  Interesting that it is Bob Brown that now responds.  Trying to shoot the messenger does not change the message.  And the message is that McKim should resolve his conflict of interest – to behave as a Minister, or resign from Cabinet.