McKim's Ministerial Responsibility


The article written by McKim exposes an extraordinary abrogation of responsibility to his role as a Minister in the Tasmanian Government, or at the least a lack of understanding of the role of a Minister.  I suspect the former to be true.

McKim argues that he has every right to speak out as Leader of the Greens party, and that he will not be silenced.  In fact, he argues that a protocol forged between Labor and the Greens allows him to articulate policies different to Labor policy. 

However, McKim has taken this to a point where he is a Minister arguing against a government decision, against other government Ministers, and threatening to undermine his Ministerial colleagues, and the government. 

 No-one argues that a “partner” in government should not have a view, nor that a leader should not speak out on issues.  However, that’s not the point.  McKim is not just in a party supporting a government, he is a Cabinet Minister in the government, and therefore has a greater duty to represent the government, and that obviously creates for him a conflict of interest between his two roles.

It is thus a simple proposition.  In order to resolve the conflict he has to make a choice, to leave the government and remain an outspoken leader, or to relinquish the leadership to remain in Cabinet.

As to the matter of a personal disclosure of interest on my part, full details are available on my website, which is documented with the articles I write.  Trying to shoot the messenger does not change the message.  And the message is that McKim should resolve his conflict of interest – to behave as a Minister, or walk.