Support the IGA, or abandon it

The IGA was signed by both the Commonwealth and State Governments in August this year.  Under this Agreement, wood supply to industry is guaranteed, as is the consideration of up to a further 572,000 ha of forested land to be placed in reserves.

The Greens are a part of the Tasmanian Government, and have two ministers in the Cabinet.

The IGA was supported by all signatories to the peace process, which included the Wilderness Society and Environment Tasmania.

Clause 17 of the IGA acknowledges the requirement for 265,000 tonnes of peeler billets, which is the contracted supply to Ta Ann.

Environment groups have boasted of their success in undermining Ta Ann’s markets, including a supplier of materials for the London Olympics.

The Greens have shown no support for Ta Ann, and have been openly critical of the company.   The Government must declare its support for Ta Ann, and in accordance with the IGA, demand the Greens retract their statements.

Environment Tasmania must condemn the actions of the environment groups that have sabotaged Ta Ann’s markets.

If these two actions are not taken, then the IGA is not worth the paper it is written on, and should be torn up.  The parties should then return to the Regional Forest Agreement, which still stands. 

Dr Julian Amos