Amos says Caucus meeting on Greens a furphy

Endorsed Denison Labor candidate Dr Julian Amos says it would be futile for the present Parliamentary Labor Party (Caucus) to meet to decide its attitude to having the Greens as partners in a future government. 

“We should not be duped by the Opposition’s continual attempts to sidetrack political debate by referring to Labor’s relationship with the Greens or other minority parties,” Dr Amos said.

“The continuing reference to this matter by the Liberals exposes the fact they do not believe they can win government in their own right. 

“The makeup of Parliament will be different from now. If necessary, it will be a new Labor Caucus that will make such decisions,” Dr Amos said. 

“If elected, and if necessary, I for one would not agree to any continuation of the present power sharing agreement with the Greens and certainly no ministries for them. 

“I have always believed that if the Greens want to bring down a minority government then be it on their heads; the electorate will deliver judgement on them at the ensuing election. There is no need to buy them off with ministries,” Dr Amos said. 

“What I say is, let it never happen again. 

“In the meantime, the Liberals are attempting to divert attention from their own internal tensions,” Dr Amos said. 

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