Julian Amos – You Can Vote for Labor

Hobart business consultant and former Tasmanian Labor minister Dr Julian Amos is to contest the Hobart electorate of Denison for the ALP in next year’s state election. 

Dr Amos announced his decision today, having recently been endorsed by the party’s administrative committee. 

His campaign theme – You Can Vote for Labor – is a signal to traditional Labor voters in Denison and the wider Tasmanian electorate that, with a reappraisal of the process of governing here, Labor can be - and should remain - the party of government. 

Dr Amos is a former environment and primary industry minister who also had responsibility for energy and water resources. He is also a former director of Hydro Tasmania and UTAS Innovation Ltd and was chairman of the Forest Industries Association of Tasmania. Today he is a respected economic commentator and corporate adviser, specialising in resource management. 

“It is clear that many Tasmanians who have been loyal Labor supporters are concerned about the events of the last four years,” Dr Amos said today. 

“The government has been distracted from its core priority – running a vibrant state economy in which private investment is encouraged. Much of that is attributable to the perception that it is compromised through its alliance with the Greens.

“I argue that this has always been an unnecessary alliance and one that has compromised all participants. Voters expect a united government, not a government in which two Green ministers have been permitted to walk out of Cabinet when they disagree with a position,” he said. 

“There is a pool of talent beyond the Green members of parliament from which to draw expertise if needs be”, Dr Amos said. 

“Government must be seen to be laying down its policy positions and then implementing them. For some time, it feels as though ‘management’ has taken over from ‘leading’ on issues. I have been a critic of some of the processes used by government that has led to slow or nil responses. Investment is stagnant - this must change. 

“In recent days politics in Tasmania has become juvenile, with a blame game led by the Commonwealth taking precedence over all other matters. The issues we face are too important for that to continue. The bigger picture is far more important.” 

Dr Amos also advocates a return to 35 members in the House of Assembly: a House of 25 members has proved to be unworkable. 

“Labor has proven it can govern responsibly. However. it has been distracted; it’s time to refocus, and to get back on track,” Dr Amos said. 


Julian can be contacted on 0412 125 656